Friday Musing: Time for Goals

Whew—thank goodness it’s Friday. It’s always the short weeks that feel the longest. Working five full days next week is going to be rough.

Everyone has been posting their 2013 goals this week, which I kind of love because I’m a goal-oriented person. I will not, however, be posting mine because I posted my Q4 goals back in the fall, and you know what? I’ve completed precisely two. Two out of nine is not good my friends. I’m almost finished with several others, but almost isn’t enough to put that fulfilling strike through it. So lesson learned: do not post goals on the internet. Atleast not those with a timeline attached.

I did see an interesting article from the Harvard Business Review on the Top Five Career Regrets that is worth keeping in mind when you’re planning for 2013 (or for life in general). The author asked a focus group with people as varied as a Fortune 500 CEO to a struggling photographer what they regret in their careers. The themes were consistent: quit earlier, have the confidence to start your own business, follow your career hunches. I won’t spoil all of them, but it’s a worthwhile read for your Friday morning.

Now that I’m in the blogging groove, and have proven to myself that I can and will stick with blogging, I plan on putting some effort into growing this blog—in every way possible. Obviously I want to increase traffic and subscribers, but also solidify my writing voice and focus, get a professional design, and make contacts in the blogging world. It’s a cool group of people out there. Alt Summit is making it easy this month and offering all of their online blogging courses free of charge. I’ve already signed up for three:  Setting Up Online, Planning Your Editorial Calendar and Using Photography to Build Your Blog. You can find the calendar of free Alt classes here if you’re interested. (Oh, and thanks Bing.)

Awhile back, I abandoned my plan to get a new couch/ recover a vintage couch in favor of sticking with the sofa I have, but two bloggers have posted their new sofas this week and they’re both making me rethink that plan:

Little Green Notebook
Made by Girl
Aren’t they pretty? I have serious sofa envy.

Anyone want to spend the weekend scouring Craigslist and thrift stores for a new/old sofa to recover in velvet now? I’m thinking it sounds like a great way to spend the weekend.

Hope it’s a good one!