Decorating Your Work Cubicle

I started a new job last week (hence the disappearing act.) I'm very excited about it. So far, I like my coworkers and the job seems interesting. It's in an industry I was hoping to get in to, so I feel quite fortunate that they chose me out of the many people who applied.

For the first time in my working life I have a door, which is nice. I also have typical cubical walls. I think of it as my "cubeoffical."

It's a large space and it's not near any windows, so I'm feeling inspired to decorate it a little bit. I've never been a big desk decorator, so I'm almost starting from scratch. The two personal items I brought with me consist of a 10,000 Places to See Page a Day Calendar and Nashville Predators Mr. Potato Head (both from friends and now former coworkers who clearly know me quite well).

I googled "cute office supplies" and was pleasantly surprised at the quantity of items that popped up (and how many of them were actually cute!) Check out all this goodness:


Now, that said, I will not be purchasing any of this stuff. I have a whole new set of living room furniture to buy and approximately 166 countries left to visit, so any cubeoffical decorating will be done on the cheap. This is what I'm thinking:

1. Map pins
I save the pages from my page-a-day calendar when the destination really interests me. Why not turn them into a mural?

Urban Outfitters

2. Scratch-off World Map
Continuing my world travel theme, I've always wanted this map, but I think it's a little too casual for my condo. It may be a perfect fit for my cubeoffical though. I'm sure it would serve as a conversation starter, and it would remind me of what I'm working for on those inevitable difficult days. (As excited as I am about my new gig, I'm not delusional enough to think every day will be sunshine and rainbows.)

3. Lamp
Specifically, something somewhat ugly and dated, potentially from a flea market or Goodwill, that I can revive with massive quantities of spray paint. I'm thinking bright peppy color like the red I used on my previously dated and ugly bedroom lamp. The red will brighten up the space, and the lamp will provide a warmer light source.

4. Homemade bookends
I have a bookcase and I'm sure it won't take long for it to fill with books (especially since the aforementioned industry is of the book variety.) Bookends are surprisingly expensive, so while I'll be keeping an eye out for an interesting and affordable set the flea market and secondhand shops, the wheels are already spinning on potential DIY projects. I'll report back on this one, either way.

5. A plant
Supposedly there are plants that survive under fluorescent lights. We'll see. I have a generic ceramic pot that will probably be called into use for this, so perhaps a fun paint treatment is in order.

6. West Elm Paper Flowers
A splurge item, just in case I kill the real plant.

7. Box or jar for my tea bags
I enjoy an afternoon cup of tea the way most people enjoy a morning cup of coffee, so I took my stash of tea bags in Friday. I'd love to find an interesting box I can store them in.

8. Wall Calendar
This isn't so much a decorative element as it is a practical one. I think my new job will require a fair amount of planning, and I think a large desk calendar hung on the wall will help keep me organized as I learn the ropes.

So tell me, how do you decorate your office/cubical/cubeoffical? If you were going to splurge on any of the fun items above, which would you go for? Any plant-challenged individuals manage to keep a plant alive under fluorescent lights? Please tell me it can be done. I suspect I'm started to get a reputation in the plant world.


Amberly said...

I sadly have NOTHING going on at my desk at work, so this is giving me some good ideas! I need to do more than stick colorful post-its with notes all over the place! :) I really love that red lamp you fixed up, what are the deets on that paint color??

Kim @ See Kim Decorate said...

Thanks! It's Krylon Indoor/Outdoor in Banner Red. I either got it at Michaels or Home Depot.