My Dream Library

I’m excited to discuss my dream library today, but first I want to mention a couple fun blog developments. First off, you’ve probably noticed the place looks a little different. I got a new design! I got it off Designer Blogs; it’s not fully custom, but they obviously adjust it for you. I wasn’t sure what I wanted in a design so I didn’t want to go fully custom yet. I figured this was a good middle ground. I’m excited about it. What do you think?

I’ve already noticed a few quirks that need to be fixed, but if you discover anything weird let me know.

And for the second bit of news, you can now get here by a direct link! Am I fancy or what? It’s www.seekimdecorate.com. I also own kimschutte.com, but I haven’t yet figured out how to direct two domains to blogger. There’s only so many technical things I can tackle in a week.

Now on to fun home d├ęcor-related things. I’ve mentioned my love of libraries. Well, I’m continuing the creation of my future dream home (check out my dream bedroom here) with my dream library.

It was inspired by this library from December’s edition of House Beautiful:

There are so many elements of this room that I love, including (but not limited to) the built ins, the Eames lounger, and the uncomfortable-looking but incredibly beautiful sofa.

Now imagine this room, but with navy shelves:

Todd Alexander Romano

I’d still get the Eames lounger (can you think of a better place to read a book?), but I’d get mine in the pretty caramel leather:

Instead of going with the ethnic pattern on the sofa, which let’s be honest, looks like it would be rough on the skin, I’d get a beautiful Persian rug and layer it over jute.

There are so many other things competing for attention in there, I like to idea of getting my sofa in a deep blue color that blends in with the walls.

Together, it creates this:

I wish I were in there right now, reading away.

Is a library part of your dream home or are you more about a dream theater? Would you go dark and cozy like this or something bright and airy?


Brad said...

I have always wanted a library. I actually saw this the other day and meant to send it you. http://www.buzzfeed.com/expresident/creative-bookshelves

Amberly said...

I am liking that color palette a lot- and that sofa is fabulous. I have a persian rug on my wish list as well, they just add so much richness to a room.

I am liking the new design too, I am a new follower so I don't know what your old design looked like but I love the white and the simplicity. I am going with something like it on my blog too. And you just reminded me that I need to get my URL updated too! :)

Happy weekend!