I Love the Junk on my Shelves

I'm reading Nate Berkus' The Things That Matter which is all about the stories behind the things in his home. The Condo is so small that I have to be choosy about what stays and what goes. As a result, most of the items in my home are quite personal to me, which is probably why it feels so like me.

I have one shelf that is full of things I feel especially fond toward. In lieu of any new and exciting projects going on around here (next on the list: re-caulking the shower! Woo!), I thought it might be fun to walk through some of my favs.

Of my many globes, I have two favorites. The one above was a Christmas gift from my brother. He knew I collected them so he stalked my Etsy favorites and this blog to find something in a color or style that I didn't already have. He's a pretty good gift giver huh? My other favorite is the globe below. I love the cast iron base, and it's the oldest of my globes. As best as I can tell, it's from sometime in the 30s. (Date your globes here.)

My uncle carved these names for all of the kids when I was pretty young. Impressive right? My mom moved it across state lines at least once, if not twice. She finally gave it to me last year and within literally a week I had broken it. Twice. Oops. Luckily it was nothing a little superglue and some spray paint couldn't fix. (Well, the spray paint may have just been decorative...)

This photo hanging above my shelf cracks me up. It's a postcard from 1913 and check out what's written on the back:

Ouch! This is why I love antiques. Don't you want to know if Ruth and Madalene ever rekindled their friendship? What happened between them that Madalene stopped writing to Ruth? Did she just get busy or did Ruth steal her boyfriend or something? The world may never know.

And on a somewhat random note, it's a shame people don't value good handwriting anymore. Look at how pretty Ruth's penmanship is. My writing's not terrible, but she makes me look like a doctor. 

Now these two have a little sentimental value. The ball jar, which is clearly collecting my millions, is from my sister's wedding. And the little white thing sticking out of the top is a drink stirrer from the Jack Daniel's distillery. It was one of my rewards for biking 120 miles to liquor and back. 

So there you go. The strange and random things that populate my shelves. Alright--your turn. What things matter around your home?

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Sarah York said...

I love globes! As decoration and useful objects to plan adventures... The one from the 30's with the metal base looks so cool!