Trying to Design Around a Leather Sofa

As someone who owns a much-beloved dog who is not only allowed on the couch, but is actively encouraged to be on the couch, I often think I should suck it up and invest in a leather sofa. I could just sweep his dog hair off with my hands and if he got a little overenthusiastic licking his paws and started licking the couch, it wouldn't leave an ugly stain I'd have to figure out how to clean without staining it further.

All good things. But the problem is, I just don't know how to decorate with them. My current sofa is blue and this is where I'd ideally like my next living room to go:

I like neutral walls and floors (including rugs) with big, bold colors on my furniture. Leather sofas force the opposite.

Still, the benefits are huge and I'm sure if I bought a leather sofa (and could find a way to actually like it), I could use it for 10+ years. So instead of spending my Sunday packing (like I should be doing), I created moodboards. Ah procrastination. Some college habits die hard.

I've always liked this West Elm sofa. I thought maybe if I put a colorful blue wall behind it I would like it. Didn't work. Thought I'd try a colorful rug. Again. Didn't like that either. Just colorful furniture around it? Better. I don't hate it. It's not as me at the board at the top, but I could live in it.

Then, I thought the unthinkable: black leather. The domain of 80's-era bachelor pads. Usually seen only in dimly lit apartments with a surround sound system and shag carpets. Yes, I went there:

And I actually kind of like it. The image on West Elm's site shows the color a little better:

Do I like it enough to spend considerably more money than the green Ikea sofa that would eat Rocky's dog hair like the Cookie Monster eats chocolate chips? I don't know. But atleast I have a viable option. And a craving for cookies...

So tell me, would I be adding myself to the design hall of shame if I bought a leather sofa? Any other suggestions for making leather more colorful without painting the walls or using a colorful rug?